Mission to Europe

July 30, 2018

Following its strategy for international expansion, INTCOM has just completed its first trade mission to Europe. The goal was to get closer to potential clients and sign commercial partnerships.

Alvaro Antunes and Thiago Tatagiba, the ones in charged for the commercial department, had the opportunity to present the BlueOpex Solutions to important global companies as well as to close a strategic partnership with a great European company whose name is yet to be disclosered.

  “The meetings were a huge success! We just started a partnership that is going to generate big opportunities in the European and Asian markets.  We also had very enlightening meetings with key players in the maritime and oil and gas industry. I believe that soon we will face great challenges helping European companies to optimize management processes and to reduce operational costs.”   

THIAGO TATAGIBA Customer Success Manager in INTCOM

The BlueOpex solutions have been showing to the market that it is completely aligned with the global demands and ready to answer to the specific needs for both onshore and offshore human resources management.

In the Oil and Gas market for more than 10 years, INTCOM combines the use of cutting edge technologies with its experience in people management and delivers to the market solutions more and more efficient and innovative.